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Hamill Manufacturing Company was started in September 1952, by William B. Kelly in the rear buildings of his private residence in Monroeville. Hamill has been involved with the Navy Nuclear Program, as well as commercial precision manufacturing, from its inception. The company has supplied precision equipment for use on virtually every nuclear ship in the Navy's fleet. Hamill's capabilities expanded throughout the sixties to the point that, by 1970, the Company had completely transcended the "machine shop" image. Hamill is presently engaged in the conception, design, engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, welding and testing of components for naval and commercial nuclear reactors, commercial power generation components, Semiconductor, aerospace industry, and other Defense related industries. Hamill's manufacturing expertise has also been used to great advantage in penetrating the market for precision finished, close tolerance glass molds.

Hamill specializes in the design and manufacture of critical components that must not fail. These products must perform reliably despite corrosive atmospheres, severe thermal shock and extreme loading conditions. With nuclear power plant technology, Hamill developed quality requirements that were always ahead of industry norms.

The company grew from the initial three people to thirty while located in Monroeville, using the facilities which were continually expanded throughout that period. The facilities in Monroeville started with three concrete block buildings and grew, both on the surface and underground, to approximately 5,000 square feet. From the beginning, the Company operated on a full-time basis. W. B. Kelly managed on a part-time basis for the first six years.

During the early growth of the Company, William B. Kelly was employed at U.S. Steel, Homestead, as a Supervisor of Industrial Engineering and later at U.S. Steel Research Center as a Supervising Technologist in charge of manufacturing, stores, and electrical maintenance. In 1958 he left his position at U.S. Steel Research to devote full time to managing the Company. With the steady growth in both sales and employees, it became necessary to acquire or build a plant that could be expanded to meet the anticipated needs.

1961 - Numis Corporation was formed as a real estate holding company to own the land and buildings to be leased to Hamill Manufacturing Company. Numis Corporation is a wholly-owned, independent corporation whose principle stockholders are the Kelly family.

1963 - Hamill purchased 135 acres (two parcels - 110 acres and 25 acres) along the Pennsylvania Turnpike at mile post 61.1 for the construction of new facilities. Planning commenced for construction on the 25 acre portion of the properties located along the eastern side of the turnpike.

1969 - The first building, Pleasant Valley Building #1 (PV-1), containing 19,072 square feet was built, followed by PV Buildings 2, 3, and 4 in the same location.

1991 - Because of the continuous growth of the business, Hamill completed the move of its manufacturing operations across the road to PV Buildings - 7, 8, and 9. This facility provided 43,549 square feet of modern, well-lighted, high-bay manufacturing space. It also featured facilities for nondestructive testing, including a totally shielded radiographic room, and a clean room/test area with 55 feet of clearance under the crane.

1995 - PV Buildings 10 and 11 were added to PV - 7, 8, and 9 to provide 31,632 square feet of office and laboratory space.

2001 - Hamill constructed a 10,000 square foot building to provide storage space and fabrication area for our welders as well as space to install future machines and relocate current ones.

2007 - Hamill received AS9100/ ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Space vacated by Hamill in the older PV Buildings 1, 2, 3, & 4 have proven to be valuable rental property for the company. Tenants have included a machine shop, cabinet maker, consulting engineering firms, a managed health care company, an exercise club, and a high tech instrument company.

All of the buildings are air conditioned, brick and masonry construction to provide an environment conducive to efficient manufacturing and contract processing. The manufacturing areas are equipped with modern equipment, such as state-of-the-art CNC machining tools, a welding robot, and EDM machines.

High standards of machine tool maintenance and plant cleanliness hallmark Hamill's efforts to maintain and enhance its quality image.

Hamill Manufacturing has made a strong commitment to making its operation as efficient as possible through the use of computers. In addition to the CNC equipment in our shop, CAD/CAM enables us to program machines directly from the drafting room or generate drawings from the machine tools. Accounting, shop scheduling, inventories, sales, purchasing, statistical quality trends, proposal development, job processing instructions, inspection records, and other important aspects of the business are maintained and accessed through our fully networked desktop computers.

The number of people employed by Hamill Manufacturing Company has grown from the original three to approximately one hundred fourteen. Hamill employees are the most important ingredient of this technically balanced and integrated organization. Hamill is staffed with qualified personnel possessing the education, technical background, interest, and years of experience necessary for the efficient and thorough production of precision components.

The organization is comprised of eight departments: Accounting; Engineering; Human Resources; Network Administration; Purchasing; Quality Assurance; Manufacturing, which includes Inspection, Nondestructive Testing, Production Control, Shipping, and Welding; and Marketing, which includes Contract Administration and Methods Engineering.

To provide a source of skilled workers, Hamill facilitates an apprentice training program organized by the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).

The company offers an attractive, comprehensive employee benefit package in order to retain its experienced and well-trained staff, as well as recruit new employees.




...Striving to be the world's premier manufacturer of precision industrial products.

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